These Few Questions Can Tell You A Lot About Someone

Posted on: August 23, 2016

In our society, it’s easy to maintain surface level relationships. An exchange in the workplace usually consists of the word “good” being used several times with no substance behind it. While these kinds of interactions are inevitable and even necessary, sometimes you may find yourself wanting to get to know the people around you in a real way. Know & Tell is perfect for this. The game is designed to help you have conversations about whatever topics you want to talk about, and it helps you to get to know people past the surface level– all while having a great time. One of the best features of the game is the Create Your Own Category feature. Using the Create Your Own feature lets you create your own category full of questions to ask and answer with other people.

Today we’re going to go over a few questions we came up with that are perfect for getting to know people in a real way. Use these questions or you can create your own with the Know & Tell App.

1. Can You Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself?

What’s great about this question is its complete open-endedness. The way that someone answers this question will say a great deal about who they are as a person. Perhaps they’ll answer by saying something like, “I’m smart, and funny, and sometimes a little impatient.” Of course people don’t ever portray themselves 100% accurately, but this question definitely gives you some insight about them. So if the first thing they said was “I’m smart”, it probably means that they value their intellect over other attributes they have. Another person may answer the same question by saying, “I’m tall, athletic, and friendly.” This person’s first answer has to do with physical appearance, and since they also said “athletic”, it suggests that they are interested in sports. So while this type of question can’t tell you everything there is to know about a person, it definitely can give you some insight into their mindset.

2. What’s Your Favorite Memory?

This is something that most people don’t think about often. However, the answer you get can be revealing. Does their favorite memory include another person? Are they alone in that memory? This question can show you whether the person is generally introverted or extroverted, based on whether their favorite moment in life was with others or alone. It can also tell you what kinds of things that person really enjoys doing.

3. Do You Have A Hero In Your Life? If So, Who?

Who a person aspires to be like truly says a lot about their character. Many people may respond with saying a successful businessperson, while others may respond with political figures or artists. Think about what makes your hero standout amongst other people? What values did/does that person have that makes them admirable? What are some of the negative attributes that person has? More often than not, people look up to others with similar interests and life aspirations as themselves, so you’ll be able to learn quite a bit about a person just by knowing who their hero/heroes are.

Obviously, these questions are too personal to ask random strangers. However, if you’re really looking to get to know someone you are already acquainted with, try adding these questions to Know & Tell and play with them! The app makes getting to know people a blast, and best of all, it’s free!
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