Mission and Vision


When reminiscing about New Year’s Eve in your childhood, you may remember playing Monopoly, Scrabble, and card games with your siblings and cousins while waiting for the ball drop at midnight. After watching some fireworks, you could have called it a night, but you might have decided instead to continue playing Risk with your family until dawn.

Games bring us together and reveal those little secrets from your family and friends: the betrayals, spontaneous outbursts, and especially the laughs.

In this era, the advancements of technology and online connectivity have made games more private, technical, and deliberate.

Through the Know & Tell app, we want to bring spontaneity into your games with family and friends.

Our mission is to “know and tell” without overthinking responses to questions.

Our vision is to develop a product that promotes FUN social interaction in public and private settings, relieves inhibitions or tensions between people, and serves as a conversation starter.

Know and Tell is the app that lets your wittiness shine!

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